SGA needs to get it together…fast

ULM Hawkeye

The SGA insists each semester on trying to raise our fees one-way or another. If it’s not asking for a swimming pool by the bayou, it’s asking for an extra $60 to subsidize athletics, in the wake of more budget cuts.

So what’s the purpose of this $60 fee increase and where exactly is it going? Well…we don’t know really. And considering the contradictory statements coming from members of SGA, it looks like they don’t either—at least not all of them.

SGA President Calvin Stafford said students who aren’t involved in any organizations would still benefit from the referendum. But SGA senator Breana Boone said students not involved on campus probably wouldn’t want to pay the additional fees.

If the student body’s representatives aren’t on the same page and can’t explain what exactly the referendum is, how are the students supposed to understand—let alone vote for it?

Stafford and the SGA need to put their thoughts in a straight line, so they can give us the facts about this vote without backtracking or stumbling through the complexity of a bill they designed.

Why should the student body be forced to pay for an underfunded athletics program when student fees already make up a substantial part of the budget? Fees and tuition make up 66 percent of the budget at ULM.

If SGA wants to pass this referendum, they need to get a plan together and quick. Spring elections are fast approaching and the senate hasn’t even approved a measure to send to Baton Rouge for approval.

SGA is supposed to represent the students to the administration. But it seems that they’ve been representing the administration a lot more, especially these past few years.

SGA needs to get its act together and start initiating referendums only when necessary instead of whenever they think we need one.