Hawkeye POV: SGA not efficient when handling recent elections

ULM Hawkeye

SGA’s job is to represent the student body. If you’re representing the student body, you must represent the entire student body.

That means representing both sides, both people who agree and disagree with your ideas and views. Not simply telling people to vote for something just because you want it.

The recent elections did little to prove SGA represents the entire student body. It proved just the opposite.

When going to vote, a link took voters to a video that showed SGA President Calvin Stafford voting yes, followed by him talking to other students who planned to vote yes.

The problem is not that there is a video; the problem is the video only showed people who planned to vote yes.

By not talking to people who disagree with their ideas, it shows SGA is not willing to hear both sides.

The Hawkeye has no problem with the passing of the referendum, but it was not promoted in an even way—a way in which people could understand what exactly is in it.

Not only was the referendum unavailable to view completely until you were voting but so were the changes made to the constitution that we were to vote on.

Elections must also be redone for the Arts and Science senate as one person’s name was left off of the ballot.

If the SGA isn’t efficient when it comes to putting together an election, why should we trust them with our money?