New Referendum will soon be distributing funds

Gwendolyn Ducre

The Student Activity Enhancement Fee has officially approved selected RSO’s and Athletic groups for the semester.

This is the first year that the enhancement fee has been set in motion. Although no money has been disbursed yet, RSO’s are hopeful that the money will help their organization

Karlie Stuckey, a sophomore vocal music education major, is the president for the American Choral Director Association and says that she is depending on the fee to help the organization have an accomplished semester.

ACDA has requested two applications. One is to sponsor six students’ trip to the Southern Region Convention. Stuckey said that the wait to be approved is a fright because the approval decides whether or not the organization can attend conventions and conferences.

“If we don’t get it, we can’t go. If we do get it, we get to represent our school. We’ll get to meet great new people,” said Stuckey.

SGA President Jana Robinson, a senior history major, is a member of the Student Activity Enhancement committee and she said the fees are beneficial to all students, not just the members of the RSOs.

“Y’all will be excited about what all is approved. There’s a lot of great ideas to get student’s more involved,” said Robinson.

The Men’s Basketball team is also planning on using the money to award a student who has attended the most games with free tuition.  All RSOs are eligible to apply for fees.