Hawkeye P.O.V.: More diplomacy, less military

ULM Hawkeye

Last Wednesday President Obama claimed that “America is not the world’s policeman.”

Hopefully he and his administration truly believe this and are not just using lip service.

Syria is nearly two-and-a-half years into the middle of a deadly civil war between an oppressive government and rebels. Sadly, per the Syrian Observatory, of the 100,000 plus people who have died, only a few thousand less civilians have died than pro-regime fighters. Worse, the government has even started using chemical weapons, which have killed their own people.

Sad as all of this is, it is not the United States’ role to take military action in Syria. Or conflicts in other countries. Especially civil wars where the conflict is between two religious groups fighting to be the ruling party.

Or in a civil conflict where multiple rebel groups with diverging interest are fighting their government. What if those guns we are sending help the Islamic extremists rebels control Syria?

Intervening in foreign affairs should be saved for when a government or group commits an atrocity like genocide of a people.

It also should not be a solo affair. Even if do have the military strength to go in alone, working with other countries lets us send in less soldiers and waste less ammo. The less Americans who have to die for a conflict that is not affecting us the better.

This is not to say American can’t attempt to help countries in other ways. Diplomacy is always a viable option.

The recent agreement between the U.S. and Russia to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons is a great example of being smart instead of gung-ho.

Just because we can intervene doesn’t mean we should.