SGA awards RSO scholarships

ULM Hawkeye

Guest speaker Emily Alpha requested a $500 scholarship on behalf of the College of Pharmacy, LSHP, during the SGA meeting last Tuesday.

This scholarship would aid the LSHP in their traveling expenses for the annual weekend conference located in New Orleans.

At this conference, students will present their research and potentially win awards. This trip will take place at the end of May, the weekend after final exams.

“As president, I’d like to at least be able to cover the cost of hotel expenses for the trip,” said Alpha, junior pharmacy major.

On Nov. 11, the annual Veteran Appreciation Ceremony will take place starting at 10:30 a.m.

“The Veteran ceremony is put on by Career Connections. SGA student and marine Cody Parker, and a mix of students, faculty and staff will be honored. They will each be called up individually,” said Laura Knotts, director of Student Life.

Also coming up is the annual Holidays at ULM event, during which the ULM Coral and Sound of Today Band will perform and the University will be lit up with festive decorations and lights. This event will take place on Nov. 25.

SGA members proposed that a canned food drive also be held during this time. This motion is currently being discussed.

SGA members moved to award Alpha Phi Alpha a $500 sponsorship for their Miss Black and Gold pageant coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 18. SGA voted in favor of this movement, and will receive free admission to the event.

SGA members took to Scott Plaza to gather student opinion concerning what should be done with the Natatorium.

Senators had a white board where students could voice their opinions quickly by writing what they thought on the board.