Students make it from classroom to big screen

Gwendolyn Ducre

Studying for that chemistry exam could come as a challenge for some.

Imagine studying a 90-page script while still having that chemistry test coming up.

If that sounds impossible, it’s not for Tiaira Willis, a sophomore psychology major, and Nate Nasworthy, a senior instrumental music education major.

Both students have been cast in Monroe’s new upcoming film “Kindred Daunting.”

Willis will play Ingrid Phillips, who witnesses a pivotal occurrence in the film. Willis said the auditioning process was nerve-wracking.

“…Me being dramatic 70 percent of the time, it wasn’t hard to achieve the role of Ingrid,” Willis said.

Time management is a crucial trait to have when one is a full-time student and young actor.

Willis said she stays active as she currently serves as the president for the marketing and sales fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon.

“I try my best to level out everything that is expected of me. I basically carry my planner with me everywhere I go to make sure I’m right on task for each activity I participate in,” Willis said.

Willis said she was surprised to be cast because she had a few mistakes during her audition.

When she received the call back she immediately called her uncle, who she said is her mom and dad in one.

Willis is not new to the filming scene. She first appeared in “Dancer and the Dame,” as an extra.

For now, acting serves as just a hobby for Willis. However, she said she takes everything she does seriously.

This go-round, Willis will need to channel her character.

“I always try to practice with the character I am speaking with,” Willis said.

“Kindred Daunting” is a psychological thriller that is based on the novel, “Kindred Daunting” by Monroe native, LaQuita S-Kay. S-Kay will also be starring in and directing the film.

The film tells the story of childhood friends, family and death.

The film will have paranormal activity.

Working around school and work schedules could be a hassle, but Xplosiv Starzz Productions works with its student actors.