Trump that

ULM Hawkeye

The American public laughed as news of Donald Trump considering himself for the Presidential election began to surface.

They laughed when he announced he was running and they have continued to laugh at him throughout these summer months.

This laughter ranges from ridicule to incredulity. For many, he is a political case of comic relief.

But the media’s lens is focused on him.

Talk show hosts allot precious air time for him and his name is spoken of from the grocery store to the college classroom to the family dinner table.  And according to the polls, he has been leading the Republicans.

That’s not something to laugh about. It’s something to really pause and consider.

Why, amidst inappropriate remarks and uncouth behavior would Trump have the (rising) support and attention he garners?

I believe Donald Trump has touched a nerve in American society.

He does not care about political correctness and it seems America is tired of walking on eggshells too.

His sharp tongue has caused many cringe-worthy moments, but according to the polls, a growing segment of Americans like his raw “say it like he thinks it” approach.

I think another factor that plays into his support stems from the fact that he’s not of the political elite – that he has not been groomed in the art of partisan deception and memorized catchphrases.

Maybe you vehemently disagree with Trump’s unorthodox approach.

Maybe your spine shivers in horror at the possibility of the television framing Trump’s grinning face from the Oval Office.

But no one can withhold credit from this business mogul for his transparency.

Transparency is a big deal to Americans today and we live in a culture that values businesses and individual’s ability to present a truthful clear depiction to their publics.

As a metaphor, think of Trump as a clear window. We all know exactly what he thinks. He doesn’t hide behind flowery phrases and big words that break down to fluff.

Politicians are known for windows in need of several years’ worth of spring cleanings.

Democrat or Republican, politicians have a talent of saying one thing before elections and doing another once comfortably positioned in an office chair.

Perhaps because they cannot see out the dirty windows….

Many politicians have some pretty opaque windows. And though Trump could definitely buy some better quality glass, he presents an image and thought processes that are painfully clear.

Dorothy Crenshaw, from Crenshaw Public Relations Consulting Agency, wrote an article highlighting what the PR world can learn from Donald.

As a public relations major, the article interested me but one of her points should ring true with every reader.

She points out his ability to “take a stand.” She shares that “it’s refreshing even when misguided. He’s not afraid to say what some others only think.”

As the presidential election goes on, America will be watching the Donald.

Maybe certain other candidates can learn from Trump’s transparency and position their image accordingly.

I hope they will all clean their windows but I’m not sure there’s enough humility for that… or maybe they just don’t have Trump’s ego?

Since this is an opinion piece, I guess I am expected to share if I support him or not.

Frankly, I am an intrigued political novice not yet willing to hang my hat on any particular candidate – for now. It’s too early for that.

But there’s a lot of excitement in the political realm  – from Sander’s closing in on Hillary to Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson’s relatively new political presence to of course, the star of the show.

I’ll be watching them closely and I urge you to do the same. This is our Future, our America.

Are we okay with supporting the worn-out footstep of a Clinton or a Bush? Maybe.

Are we okay with perpetuating the culture of the political elite? Some are.

Ready for diversity? Many are.

Ready for an unorthodox approach? There’s a strong following.

Are we hungry for a leader with America’s best interests at heart – Politically, economically and socially? I sure hope so.

In the end, that’s what will matter most and it will be our decision to make.