Recall notices necessary

Alan Rawles

Automotive recalls are bound to happen.

When that notice arrives in an owner’s mailbox, the last thing an owner should do is freak out.

A recall on a car part can be a minor software update.

Sometimes though, it can be a faulty ignition switch that can cause injury to the driver.

There are a few simple steps that vehicle owners can do when problems arise.

First, don’t panic. Recall notices do not necessarily mean huge headaches are to come.

Stay calm. No matter how serious the recall may be. The automotive company is going to take care of the issues.

Take the vehicle to a certified dealership that sells the vehicle that you drive.

Recalls are not going to cost a penny. The company made an error, and drivers do not have to pay a cent.

If presented with a bill from a service department, make sure that it is understood that the part was a recall. Recall service issues are free for vehicle owners.

Michael Ballaban, Jalopnik auto expert, gives a good tip for those drivers who are hesitant about taking their car to a dealership.

“The recall notice should present you with some alternatives. If you’re still confused, call the dealership mentioned in the letter. If they don’t help, call the manufacturer,” said Ballaban.

Once the recall part has been fixed, the dealership will release the car back to the owner. The only step now is to take the car home.

Recall notice letters will provide owners with all of the necessary information.

The notice should include where the closest certified dealer is and what the issue with car may be.

Some issues might be so serious that driving the car to the dealership is not recommended. Ballaban has a quick suggestion for that too.

“Just don’t drive more than is necessary, I guess,” said Ballaban.

Companies may offer an alternative form of transportation if the recall service time is inconvenient for drivers.

Recall notices should not be something to worry about.  Drivers–remain calm.

Make sure to take the car to a repair shop as soon as possible to fix any problems.