‘Dark souls 3’ lives up to its notoriety

Alan Rawles

“Dark Souls 3” gives players a frustrating experience fittingly, as the series is known for it.

The game’s challenging nature requires players to plan their moves carefully.

I have gotten mad playing video games before. Before it’s been a frustrating glitch that prevents me from completing a crucial objective, or an annoying multiplayer opponent who continuously kills me no matter what I do.

“Dark Souls 3” though, has undoubtedly made me just put down the controller due to the seemingly impossible challenges that it has thrown at me.

This game is a third-person action role-playing game.

This game pits players against various monsters in their quest to; actually, I have no idea what this game is about.

The story is so confusing I have had a hard time deciphering the meaning behind the cryptic dialogue.

What I do understand is that the player character is to prevent some sort of terrible event from taking place.

To prevent this event, the player must kill mystical creatures and undead kings. Players are given various weapons such as swords, spears and bows to defeat foes.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward. Players need to dodge enemy attacks by either using a shield or rolling out of the way.

When a foe is vulnerable, players can use a light or strong attack to strike.

Upon death, which will happen many times, players will respawn at a bonfire.

Their health will be replenished, but the enemies nearby will also reset and the player must fight them again.

I am not a fan of Dark Souls 3. This is the first game in the series that I have spent significant time with, and it has not impressed me. The fighting mechanics are bland and repetitive.

Players simply block attacks and strike when possible.

This seems to be the same formula with all enemies.

Boss fights are the same mix except on a larger scale.

The lack of a map or helpful hints also hinders the game. I felt lost when I reached a fork in the path.

Dark Souls 3 is not for the weak. This game will test the patience of even the most experienced gamers.

It is a game that challenges players to do the tasks with as little help as possible.