Senator debate may be on campus

ULM Hawkeye

A debate between whichever two senators face a runoff vote after the Nov. 8 election

may take place on campus, according to Cory Crowe, news and public affairs director for KEDM Public Radio.

Crowe is trying to arrange for an on campus debate that students can engage in,

but has received no promises that any of the candidates would show up. He has gotten in touch with those leading in the polls, but most candidates won’t commit to anything until after the primary election.

Crowe is hoping to set up the debate for a date later this month. He has received

the support of the university, the Student Government Association and the Hawkeye.

One problem facing an on-campus debate is that local TV stations do not have the

equipment to host a debate away from their studios. If nothing can be done about this,

the debate will likely still feature student interviewers, but not a live student audience.

A more-certain answer as to whether the debate is possible will be available Wed.