Seth Hall takes talons to new nest


ULM Hawkeye, Multimedia Editor

Seth “Sexy-Legs” Hall started at ULM in 2006 and has since thrived as one of the most prominent examples of true school spirit.

In fact, in 2007, Hall introduced “Talons Out”, a phrase that coined pride of the Warhawk, as a way the Warhawks could take pride in such a monumental transition.

The former director of high school recruitment has thrown his talons out for the last time on this campus, as he prepares for his new journey in New Zealand in the hotel-resort industry.

From running down the hall in short, red striped shorts with his long, curly brown hair and contagious smile to running the Boston Marathon in 2016, Seth Hall’s benevolent energy thrived beyond ULM.

“Especially through high school, I wasn’t ‘Mr. Outgoing.’ I was pretty shy actually,” Hall said.

As the youngest of six from West Monroe, Louisiana, he was not always the “sexy-legged” vibrant young man you see today.

He was actually the shyest of the bunch and did not really come into his own until he came to ULM.

“But when I came to PREP… I decided — even then I guess I was inspired— that I’m gonna open up and be wild and be crazy,” he said.

The summer of his freshman year, Hall’s older brother Nathan was a PREP leader and noticed a spark in Hall that not too many others knew about.

“They were having a spirit competition…[and] he stripped down into some running shorts in the middle of everyone with no shirt on,” Nathan said.

Nathan was one of Hall’s biggest influences, but sometimes would take a step back and realize how much Hall influenced him.

“Seth always keeps me on my toes. We try to keep each other accountable and remember what really matters in this life,” Nathan said. “We push each other to have a positive attitude even when a situation is not going well.”

Some may know him as a genuine ambassador of the best university in the world, but his mother knows him as one of the greatest kids in the world.

Dixie Hall remembered different tactics she would try to get Hall to break out of his shell, including bribing him to hug a stranger.

In the sixth grade, Hall transferred to a new school and his mother noticed a crossing guard every child would hug as they walked by her.

“I said ‘I’ve got this plan, Seth. OK, I’m gonna stay right here in the car…and I will give you a dollar…if, when you pass that lady that you don’t know, you give her a hug,’” Dixie said.

“And he did it. He hugged and he turned around and [gave a thumbs up].”

In high school, when Hall’s teacher left the classroom, he told Hall to take over.

“Seth is an excellent teacher, an excellent communicator. It was like he didn’t know it,” Dixie said.

Hall contributes his mother as one of the biggest roles in his molding, and her upbringing truly played a part in his view of life today.

“She trained us to love people, to care about people and to take care of people in need,” Hall said.

As a child, Dixie would take all of them to visit nursing homes and housing projects to show them another side of the world that might have it worse than their situation.

Another side of the world that needs to be taken care of. A world that she truly believed her kids could change.

“It’s not because they’ll do this great thing or be this president…it’s because of how you relate to the individual person and how you really care about them,” Dixie said.

Family, students and faculty could attest to Hall’s golden heart. Former PREP staffer Clayton Williams says that Hall has led by example, and it starts from inside.

“Seth has pushed to always be a servant leader. What can I do for someone else? He never expects anything out of anyone, but he is always willing to give all he has to anyone else,” Williams said.

Of all of the lessons and memories that Hall and Williams have shared, there was one thing that stuck the most to Williams.

“The most important thing I learned from Seth is to always be sexy. No matter what.”

Even though Hall’s new chapter of his life will reside over 7,000 miles away, he says that this won’t be the last that ULM will see of him.