Prospective Miss ULM contestants get information, advice at interest meeting

Hope Stapleton, [email protected]

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Ashlynn Landford was last year’s winner of the Miss ULM Pageant.

Every year, the opportunity comes around for Warhawk women to compete to be one of the important faces of the ULM community.

Being Miss ULM is not a simple task, nor is it just for one night of wearing a crown and a sash.

Miss ULM is a year-round job. It’s a huge time commitment where the winning contestant will make sacrifices to be an ideal role model to the university.

The Miss ULM interest meeting took place last Thursday and attendees learned what it takes to become Miss ULM.

Attendees found out how the Miss ULM pageant will operate as well as what they will need to do to prepare. The possible awards the contestants could receive were also discussed.

The winner of Miss ULM will receive a free meal plan, a one-bedroom apartment on campus, a personal trainer at the activity center and one of the largest scholarship amounts available to students.

The winner will also gain the opportunity to compete in the Miss Louisiana competition and be given a $4,500 fund to go towards her competition wardrobe.    

The future competitors also received advice from former Miss ULM competitors, Brea Joyner and Meagan Lee, along with the current Miss ULM, Ashlynn Lanford.

Lanford gave the prospective competitors a few tips for the pageant.

“First, if you stress, you will not do your best. Second, make sure you are confident in yourself. Lastly, it is okay to eat before the swimsuit part,” Lanford said.

Joyner also had some words of encouragement for the prospective competitors.

“Present the best you possible, and never go in with a comparing attitude, Joyner said. “No one cares how much your dress cost, they care about how you present yourself.”

The Miss ULM pageant will take place on Nov. 10, in Brown Auditorium at 7 p.m.