International warhawks celebrate American festivals

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Arohan Rimal, a freshman biology major from Nepal, knew about the big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving from movies and sitcoms.

However, he knew nothing about Easter other than having heard the word before.

Rimal, along with many other international students, gathered as much knowledge as they could at “Introduction to American Holidays” sponsored by the Global Ambassadors.

The event included short presentations on different major and regional American holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Mardi Gras.

“Easter was a word I was familiar with but I did not know the religious significance and the traditions of Easter eggs,” said Rimal. “I did not know anything about Mardi Gras either, it’s a new festival for me that I am looking forward too.”

The attendees were mostly international freshmen students who wanted a glimpse of the array of holidays they’d be participating in during their years at ULM.

According to Susan Egbert, a third-year pharmacy student and President of Global Ambassadors, the event was designed to exchange knowledge between domestics and internationals.

“I hope from this event, conversations will develop,” Egbert said.

Students were greeted with a variety of foods.

Cakes of all different types, pizzas from all over, and fruits and vegetables adorned the tables at the event.

There was also an Easter egg hunt to give the international students a real-life festival experience.

Shanta Rakshit Pokharel, a freshman computer science major, enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at the end of the event the most.

“It made us physically involved in the game rather than just listening,” Pokharel said.

Like Rimal, Pokharel shared that Mardi Gras was amongst his most anticipated event for the coming days.

“I’m best looking forward to Mardi Gras, seeing how hugely it is celebrated in Louisiana.”

Students also got to play and learn about different Mexican traditions from Arely Castillo, director of International students’ services.

At the end of the night, Global Ambassadors had a full house.

Despite the cold temperatures and heavy rain those who came out to the event were thoroughly entertained and prepared for whatever holidays America throws their way.