‘Pretty Little Liars’ bring their “A” game

ULM Hawkeye

“A” is at it again in the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, which just returned from their mid-season hiatus on the seven­teenth of January.

The show tells of four young girls who are taunted by an unknown force that is tenta­tively called “A” throughout each episode. “A” seems to take pleasure in re­vealing any secrets they hold.

The secrets are revealed through various means such as placing random messages in dif­ferent areas around the town of Rosewood, sending text messag­es to their phones and sending emails.

They try their best to deal with their own personal issues while at the same time trying to discover the identity of “A.”

Pretty Little Liars brings a new atmosphere to the televi­sion world by introducing us to each characters drama through, “A,” instead of through the four main characters themselves.

“A” is cunning in that he or she doesn’t reveal everything about them, but just enough that it forces the four main characters to re­veal to the audi­ence secrets.

It will keep one coming back for more, A show that re­veals secrets of forbidden relationships, hidden sexual orientations and thievery is hard to turn away.

“Pretty Little Liars” has a bright future ahead of with its mysteries and the many secrets held by the shows characters.

This brilliantly written and directed show can be seen on ABC Family, Mondays at 8p.m.