Move In Mania: Warhawks flock to campus


Blair Guillory a junior pre-pharmacy major and Madison Hall Room Advisor, had one wish for Fall 2018’s Move In Mania.

Guillory wished everybody would feel welcomed or at home once the day ended and their families left.

Between Guillory and a swarm of various individuals and groups, the university welcomed back the majority of their on-campus residents this weekend.

Move In Mania began on Friday for returning students. The busiest day was Saturday as it marked the move in of all new to campus residents and first-time freshmen.

ULM’s Prep Staff were some of the first faces new students saw as they walked in to the Activity Center to check into their new life on the bayou.

Check-in was hosted at the Activity Center where students could meet with financial aid and housing for an issues or concerns before moving in.

Marzetta Scott, a senior pre-speech pathology major and Hawkseeker worked the main check-in desk at the Activity Center.

Scott said her experiences working with the Hawkseeker program prepared her for working Move In Mania.

“I’m just glad I got to serve as a Hawkseeker this semester, and I look forward to working with the freshmen this semester,” Scott said.

After going through Scott’s desk, freshmen and new students could go talk to financial aid or residential life before heading to the dorms.

Although a hectic day, ULM plans the event weeks in advance and with the help of various student organizations, the event went by smoothly.

The university’s Campus Activities Board members helped new students move in and passed out refreshments from dorm to dorm.

In Madison Hall, the team of Room Advisors, or RAs as they are called, greeted new residents with donuts and drinks as they signed in to their new room assignments.

It’s at Madison where Guillory greeted and met his new flock of students.

“We give them some paperwork to fill out and take them to their room to make sure everything is good. We even got helpers outside to help them move in their big stuff,” Guillory said.

Along with being introduced to their new surroundings, freshmen were taught some of the traditions or things to expect at their respective dorms.

“We’re gonna bring back the Madison Barbeque. We’re gonna watch one the home football games and be cooking outside,” Guillory added, promising to bring back one of the oldest traditions belonging to Madison Hall.

While the day progressed, farewells were exchanged and even a couple tears shed, but all in all, the flock here at ULM got a lot bigger.

Move In Mania ended but it only served as the beginning of another wonderful year at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.