Salvation Army returns to Monroe


It’s been 14 months since the Desiard Street Shelter has been operating after the closing of the Salvation Army of Monroe. Now, the Salvation Army’s offices are once again open and are taking overnight guests at their location.

Over 14 months ago, the Desiard Street Shelter provided assistance to the homeless in the area. While they did that, the Salvation Army gave the homeless a place to spend the night. All of that ended once the Salvation Army of Monroe was forced to close their doors last year. Ever since then, the shelter has partnered with various churches in the area to provide overnight accommodations to the homeless people they cater to.

Killian Hicks, a junior communication major, has been actively volunteering at the Desiard Street Shelter for some time now. He spends three mornings out of each week helping out at the shelter any way he can and even started a fundraising campaign for the shelter back in April.

“The two organizations will be able to work together as a unit to help out North Louisiana’s less fortunate,” Hicks said.

According to Hicks, the Desiard Street Shelter provides three meals a day, housing, helps treat mental and health problems and assists in document retrieval for the homeless. The Salvation Army will once again take over overnight housing for the homeless in the area allowing the shelter to focus on other forms of help.

Hicks, like many others, has continued volunteering at the shelter and said he’s glad to see the Salvation Army of Monroe’s reopening.

The Desiard Street Shelter released a statement through Facebook announcing the reopening of the Salvation Army offices and thanked all their supporters and partners for helping them through the tough times.

According to the shelter’s statement, they will no longer continue to house the homeless. All other services rendered by the shelter will continue as always.