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Students concerned Activity Center due for renovations

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Recent complaints about the condition of certain equipment and facilities in the Activity Center have arisen from students.

David DeGraw, a senior political science major, said some of the equipment at the Activity Center does seem to be outdated, but the problem’s not as bad as others have made it out to be.

“The equipment is outdated for what is in here. Me personally, I think we need a bit more funding to get some new stuff in here,” DeGraw said.

Brandon Bruscato, the director of Recreational Services, has reassured that they are already handling the situation as they do normally.

According to Bruscato, it’s only a matter of time before some of the out of order machines get either fixed or replaced.

Before a piece of equipment is replaced, they try to fix it. In many cases, special parts have to be ordered. Here is where the problem arises. Due to the low availability of certain parts, it takes time for them to come in and get installed.

“We have to go outside the university, because it’s specialized equipment,” Bruscato said. “Once they told us it couldn’t be fixed, we immediately went into getting specs for new equipment.”

The equipment in question are the saunas on the male side and the leg press, leg curl and multi-hip trainer in the weight room.

“A lot of the equipment, we buy, you don’t find at Walmart or Target or somewhere that’s right down the street,” said Robert Reed, the assistant director of Recreational Services.

Reed said there’s a communication issue between them and the students ,and that’s why issues with student complaints come up. Reed said there is a process to making repairs or getting new equipment and the time involved, at times, makes it seem like it’s not being done.

Both saunas have been repaired, or are in the process of being repaired. The equipment in the weight room is lower on the list of things to be fixed.

Along with repairs, the Activity Center has received new gear. They have so far purchased two stair masters, four ellipticals and six treadmills.

The new equipment also has small TV screens that play basic cable from Dish.

The Activity Center has plans in the works to install a game room.

The bid is out for the project to happen, but they are expecting it to be running mid-spring.

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Students concerned Activity Center due for renovations