Foolproof guide to Valentine’s gifts


There’s a misconception that finding a gift for your significant other is a hard task to complete. Valentine’s day is an easy day for gifts. It’s a no brainer, people.

Before I begin suggesting foolproof gift ideas, let me start off with some don’ts.

First, don’t ask the person you’re planning on getting a gift for what they want. One, it’s lazy. And two, you’re unlikely to get a clear response, so save yourself some time.

Second, don’t wait until the last minute to make your purchase. This just makes you look lazy again. And finally, if you spend a lot of money, don’t brag about it.

Now, for what everyone is here for-the gifts.

1. Tradition is key

Tradition is king and top of the gift idea list. You can’t go wrong with roses, chocolates or stuffed animals. I refer to these as the Holy Trinity of Valentine’s day. It’s what people expect on Valentine’s day. You’re not reinventing the wheel here, and you don’t want your significant other to be the only person in the room without one of these three staples. Be prepared to spend more than you wish for around this season, because prices will go up.

Here’s a hint for those interested in buying flowers, specifically roses. If you don’t want to spend much, skip the flower shop. Crazy as it might sound, flower shops aren’t the only place you can buy roses. Supermarkets tend to have nice arrangements around this time. I highly recommend Sam’s Club as their flowers always look nice.

If you really want to make a statement, Amazon has stepped up their game and have the lowest prices on roses. The only catch is you have to arrange them yourself. One hundred roses for $100 is better than 12 for the same price at the flower shop so consider Amazon. Also, pro-tip: if you are going the traditional route, put some extra effort into it. Two or three dozen roses look better than one, just like a huge teddy bear is better than a small one.

2. Creative gifts

For those wanting to be anything but traditional, creativity is the way to go. Other than being creative, you have to show your person that you’ve kept them in mind when choosing a gift. Bath supply baskets are becoming increasingly popular this time of the year, as well as DIY gifts like paintings and other forms of artwork.

A good hint I got recently was to get your loved one. something they can use or wear often that reminds them of you.

3. Dinner arrangements

Dinner arrangements have also become expected for Valentine’s day. Reservations fill up quick so get yours immediately. If you have cooking skills that you don’t showcase often, use that to your advantage and have your partner over for dinner. If you decide to go out without a reservation, call ahead for wait times.

Years of experience have shown me that fancier restaurants like steakhouses or Italian restaurants have bigger crowds, so you might want to avoid them. Mexican restaurants are typically slower if you enjoy them. They’d be a good option. Food is food, so long as both of you understand that, you should be good eating anywhere.

4. Consider your partner’s needs

The last piece of advice I want to give everyone is that not everybody likes to be given a present or taken out to dinner. What’s important is your time and how you enjoy it. If the person you’re seeing continuously states that they don’t want anything, sometimes it’s best to give them that. And if you do give someone a gift, whatever it is, a handwritten card on the side will make all the difference.