Foolproof guide to maintaining a healthy relationship with your roommate


How do you like living with a roommate? This a question that has multiple answers. Some may have good things to say, while others may have horror stories. Having a roommate is more complicated than one can even imagine.

Max Mckey, a freshman radiologic technology major, walked into his dorm not knowing his random roommate.

“We are the same person, so the adjustment to dorm life was easy and painless,”  McKey said.

Thankfully the two roommates get along great, but not everyone is so lucky with their first roommate.

Senior kinesiology major, Brennan Young’s relationship with her first roommate was nonexistent. The two barely spoke or even remotely became friends causing their living situation to be very awkward. Although roommates will not always be best friends, maintaining a friendly relationship prevents future living problems.

When you first move in with a roommate, it is best to create boundaries and group rules so one does not overstep or upset the other. This is especially important when more than two people are living in a dorm or apartment. Agreeing on ground rules and being aware of each other’s wants and needs will make the living environment more peaceful.

Communication is the key to all relationships, even with roommates. When you have an issue with something your roommate does, tell them. Address the problem while they are small as soon, as you notice it. Do not wait until they are huge. Most times, your roommate does not even know there is a problem.

A common conflict between many roommates is chores and cleaning. No one wants to clean up their roommates’ messes. Rylee Bennett, senior psychology major, has lived with the same roommate for three years and they still find themselves arguing over chores.

“I am someone who sees a mess and immediately cleans it up. My roommate is not like that, so it causes conflicts. If you have a roommate that cleans up on their own, count your blessings,” Bennett said.

Also, always consider your roommate when you invite guests over. Communicate and let them know who is visiting and when.

Most life-long memories are made between roommates in college, just always remember to maintain a good, friendly relationship. Have respect for one other and communicate.