Coach Fraser shines in revival of soccer program

Head coach delivers historic success in second season

ULM soccer has undergone an unbelievable turnaround from last season. Calling the opening of their 2021 season “successful” is an understatement to the change in the program’s direction. They have defied the odds and broken the ceiling that has held the Warhawks back for so long. 

This year’s team had the best start to a season that the school has ever seen, putting up a record of 7-0-1 in their first eight games. 

The team has gained national attention, with junior Courtney Marten leading the nation in goals per game and ULM being first in the country for shots on goal. This success seems to be coming off the heels of Warhawks’ head coach Sean Fraser. 

Fraser was hired at the beginning of 2020 after ULM had only won six games in three seasons. 

“Based on the first day that I walked in the door to how the program is operating now, it’s certainly night and day,” Fraser said. 

Coach Fraser operates his team on what he calls 24-hour goals. He only asks his players to focus on what they can achieve in 24 hours. This mindset also leads to what he calls championship habits, which are essential to success. 

“If you want to be a champion or if you want to be successful, you’ve got to be able to do things like a champ all the time,” Fraser said. Fraser does not seem focused on winning alone, but on building a program where high-level players can come and develop. He wants to make Monroe a place where players learn the game. 

“They seem to be enjoying what we’re trying to give them in terms of the soccer experience, and you know the tactical side of the training sessions,” Fraser said. “The way that we run the program, they seem to all be buying into what we’re trying to do.”

The tactical side of the game for Fraser is flexibility. The ability to change your style of play based on what the opponent brings has brought ULM a lot of success. 

“I think we take it one day at a time and one game at a time,” Fraser said. We have the ability, and we have the players to adapt.” 

The Warhawks have shown a dominant style of play in their wins. Even in their first loss to Little Rock, they outshot their opponent 11-4. 

With the fast and victorious start that ULM has had to their season, it is natural to start looking forward to possible postseason runs on the horizon. 

But Fraser is practicing what he preaches and only keeping his mindset on things 24 hours ahead. 

“Whatever happens at the end of the season, we’ll figure that out later on,” Fraser said. 

The Warhawks’ soccer team only continues to bring excitement to the bayou. 

Fraser and his team are laying the foundation for a program that will put ULM on the map and create a community that is passionate about soccer. 

“We’re trying to give people something to come and watch, and, hopefully, it continues to build that way.” 

Under the direction of Coach Fraser, soccer at ULM has found a new level of success.