Stanislava Prosvietova

Nineteen days ago, on Feb. 24th, russia invaded Ukraine at 4 a.m. Since then, the life of every Ukrainian around the world stopped. 

Thousands of people were forced to leave their houses in order to save their lives and the lives of their kids. People sleep in underground shelters for four to five days at a time, not having food, fresh air, light or warmth. They are cold, hungry, scared and angry. 

People ask me, “How are you?” Honestly, I don’t know what I am supposed to answer. I say I’m okay, but I’m lying because I’m not. None of us are okay right now. Yes, my family is as safe as possible right now. But it doesn’t mean I feel calm. 

My land is being destroyed. One big enemy came to my country and is trying to take our freedom and spirit. I feel the pain of every victim who was killed or suffered from russian troops. My anger rises with every explosion in a Ukrainian city I see in the news. None of us will ever be able to forgive Putin and all people who supported him. 

Right now, it’s already a third World War, where russia fights with the whole world and Ukraine fights for the whole world. This phrase perfectly describes what is going on. 

I want to tell you little bit about what is happening at my home right now, and by home I mean all of Ukraine. Russian soldiers kill civilian people and they shoot at kids and women. They don’t allow any green corridors and humanitarian help for people who are in shelters. They bomb apartment complexes and burn houses. They shoot civilian cars on roads when people try to go somewhere to deliver help to others or are just trying to save themselves. 

They don’t allow people to evacuate, which is not letting them eat or get to a warm place. They use kids and women as living shields. Yesterday, we got information that a boy 7-years-old died because of dehydration in a bomb shelter, where he had to stay five days in a row without any ability to go outside and get food or water. 

And today they bombed a maternity hospital in Mariupol. Kids and mothers are under the rubble. Yes, russia knew there was a hospital, because 4 hours before this one of their ministers said, “They raise nazi kids there, and we can’t allow that to happen.” 

Russian troops are turning our cities to dust, cities that people were building for so many years and dedicated all their lives to. People who do that, who come to another country and kill everything they see are not people—they are monsters. 

Many people think they can do nothing about it, but everyone can. We are all helpful when we are together. I urge you not to be silent. Talk about it and raise awareness. Join protests in your city for Ukraine, donate to the Ukrainian army or funds providing humanitarian help. Even $5 helps a lot right now! Ask your governors to impact the decision of President Biden to close the skies over Ukraine or to provide gear, equipment and air fighters. 

If you still think it is far away, let me remind you that russia is only 4 kilometres away from the U.S. Part of russia and part of Alaska are just five minutes away from each other. 

Over the past 30 years russia was involved in 10 wars, not counting the one they started with Ukraine two weeks ago. When we stop Putin and stop russian invasions in different countries, not only will Ukraine be free, numbers of other territories will also sleep calmly after that. Today he already said the worst is yet to come. But we can change it to “The worst time for russia is coming.”  The world has to stop him now to avoid horrible outcomes. Russia is a terrorist country. They lost all respect in the world and showed their real face. 

Also, please, don’t call it a “Ukrainian crisis.” It is a war—a war that russia started against Ukraine to try to take our freedom, which never will happen! 

If you want to help Ukraine, you also can always contact me via email or on my phone number at 318-547-6475. I will be glad to hear from you, and provide you all the information on how to help Ukraine!

Note: “russia” is written with a lowercase letter on purpose.