Strong influences inspire rap artist

ULM Hawkeye

Keldric “Kel” Bonton’s hip-hop skills were discovered when he was freestyling with friends in high school.

Bonton, then took those talents and became serious about hip-hop, and develop himself into the artist he is today.

In high school, Bonton not only got really se­rious with hip-hop but also with life when his daughter was born.

“With the birth of my daughter, I had to take a look back and find out what’s im­portant in life. That’s why I am so serious, and I focus on what I do,” Bonton said.

As far as the seriousness of hip-hop, he had reason to make his music from life ex­periences.

With Bonton’s bass voice, his hometown of Alexandria, Louisiana was able to listen to his real music by radio.

Brandon Perry, life long friend of Keldric Bonton, said that Bonton has a strong drive for his music.

“I’ve seen it from the beginning, and he loves music,” said Perry.

Bonton said he developed a strong passion from music because of his dad introducing him to Earth, Wind and Fire, and Mariah Carey, who were people who made great music.

“A lot of artists get mixed up with labels; for me it’s more about the message than the money,” he added.

Bonton really enjoys the art of per­forming in front of an audience.

“With performing, I have complete control on what I do; with everyone paying attention to you, you have to be “cool” and have to believe in what you are saying.”

For Bonton’s future, he will go as far as his music takes him. He real­ly appreciates all the fans and sup­porters. “ Without the supporters, I am nothing,” said Bonton.