Superman can’t give blood, but students can


ULM Hawkeye

Since childhood, we have always wanted to be a hero. Watching Batman and Superman save lives was always cool and made us feel that one-day we too could stop trains or catch planes.

As adults, we still feel the same way. We still have the urge to help people in need, minus the tights, that is.

Last week, Lifeshare Blood Center was on campus, just ask- ing students to donate a minute of their time and a pint of their blood.

Every time Lifeshare is on campus, students try their best to avoid the big bus parked out front of the Nursing Building or the ladies who sit outside the SUB asking for donations. By avoiding them, you are passing up a chance to be a hero and save someone’s life.

Here are just a few encouraging facts about donating blood:

•Donating blood does not hurt. There is a small pinch when the needle is first inserted. Other than that, there is no pain during the donation period.

•The blood volume and plas- ma that is taken from your body is replaced within 24 hours of your donation. The red cells need a longer time to replenish, taking about 4-8 weeks.

•Looking for a quick weight loss plan? Donate blood, and lose up to a pint!

•After the donation, your blood will be taken to a lab to be checked for transmissible dis- eases. After additional tests, the blood is distributed to local cen- ters until it is taken to hospitals based on patient need.

•One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Donating blood is one of the simplest acts that anyone can do for someone else. Lifeshare is giving you the opportunity to potentially save a person’s life. So, ULM, lets be the heroes we have always longed to be.

Next time you see the blood share bus or the ladies asking for donations, do not blow past them. Stop and donate, and be- come someone’s Superman.