Tempers flare between musicans

ULM Hawkeye

Tensions ran high at Battle of the Bands when members of Streetlight Revival and Wayside nearly came to blows. 

An argument broke out between the two bands over the fan’s positive response to Wayside. They began shoving each other, and the two bands had to be forcibly separated to prevent any further physical violence. 

Streetlight Revival accused Wayside of hoarding fans by soliciting support from fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha and sorority Phi Mu. 

Members of both bands belong to the PIKE fraternity. Streetlight Revival seemed outraged after seeing the unevenness in fan support. 

Kellyn Rose, one of the Battle of the Band attendees, said, “I don’t see why they’re fighting. It’s second place. They both lost.”

The audience seemed shocked as the winners of Battle of the Bands were announced. Wayside, the fan favorite, came in second place, losing to Shayliff. 

Only seconds after the winning band had been announced, the stands echoed with boos, and the majority of the crowd began loudly chanting Wayside’s name. 

Many fans were outraged by the results. Some even blamed the University for the controversy.

Morgan Hoggan, a Wayside fan, said, “This is why ULM doesn’t have any fan support. Every one clearly wanted Wayside to win. They’re actually from here.” 

Other fans, including Taylor Sheppard, a ULM student, agreed. She said, “[Shayliff is] opening for Tech in a few days. We’re going to look like copycats.” 

Many fans seemed to believe Shayliff was chosen based not on their talent, but on their preexisting fame. 

Kaitlyn Byrnside, a ULM student, said, “Why were they even allowed to compete? They never even went to school here.” 

Shayliff said they are excited to work with The Fray. 

Jacob McGarry, Shayliff’s bassist, said, “We love The Fray. They’re one of our biggest inspirations.” 

Shay Bailiff, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar,ist said, “We love playing here. ULM is one of our favorite venues.” 

Shayliff was awarded a $500 prize and said they couldn’t wait to be back.