Raising concerns about ULM’s enrollment numbers


ULM Hawkeye

During hard economic times, the normal trend for universities’ enrollment numbers is to increase. However, with recent numbers released last week by ULM officials, this university experienced a two percent decrease this fall.

Last semester, ULM was home to just over 9,000 students; however, only about 8,800 students call themselves Warhawks this year. There are many questions as to why the numbers have slowly decreased in undergraduate enrollment.

Lisa Miller, the associate provost of enrollment management, recently said that the small decline in numbers was more than likely due to concerns about the economy.

While this is a great assessment, it makes the Hawkeye wonder if not having a president attributed to students decisions in not coming to ULM. Potential students may have seen the president getting out, and figured we were not worth considering.

Even during these hard economic times, Louisiana Tech saw a five percent increase in enrollment since last fall; Louisiana Delta Community College’s enrollment went up about 18 percent; and, Louisiana State University went up about three percent.

How is it that during these hard times, everyone else’s numbers are going up (or staying the same) and we’ve gone down by about 150 students?

Even though this decrease in enrollment numbers is not encouraging, we must continue to speak up and find a leader. ULM may be suffering right now because of it, and it is time to put someone permanently in charge to take away uncertainties.

This university is a wonderful place to attend and get involved with, and students should be banging down our doors to get here. Let’s give them a reason to want to come here, call this place home and get the Warhawk pride.