Bug invasion taking over students’ rooms

LeAndrea Williams

Some new neighbors are moving into Masur and University Commons and they are creating quite a buzz.

Crickets have taken over every corridor in Masur, making it impossible to walk without the fear of being attacked by a creepy crawly.

In University Commons I, the scene isn’t any better. Not only are students having problems with crickets, but there are also an overwhelming number of earwigs present.

Melanie Austin a Kinesiology/Pre-Physical Therapy major from Leesville, said, “They are terrible I had to kill like three earwigs within a two minute timeframe and then a cricket appeared.”

Students in Masur are having an even tougher time coping with the flood of crickets waiting outside their doors.

The bugs are even starting to make their ways inside of the rooms.

Kristen LaGarde, a senior Kinesiology major from Slidell, said, “I have been trying to set traps.”

Students in both dorms say that they have asked their RAs about the problem, and nothing really seems to help. Most are stocking up on bug spray and keeping a shoe handy.

Until Residential Life, or the university, can offer a solution, students will be forced to deal with the new crowd of neighbors.