Hawkeye POV: Everyone’s vote counts; make your voice heard

ULM Hawkeye

Election Day is tomorrow and most of us have an idea of who we’re voting for or against in some cases.

Though The Hawkeye is not officially endorsing any candidate, we do encourage everyone to exercise his or her right to vote.

An active and informed citizenry is vital to our American Republic. It is only through informed decisions will we make the choices to put our country on the track to economic success.

It is through voting for our leaders that we determine the course for our country, which relies on a stronger central government more and more each year.

The presidency is becoming more powerful with each administration adding more duties and powers to the executive branch.

This means that whoever is president will have a lot of power over the entire country. Don’t you think we should really think about it and actually take part in voting? 

We’re not just electing the president tomorrow. We’re electing our congressman. We’re passing constitutional amendments.

We’re making fundamental changes to our state governments.

There is an amendment to change the gun laws in this state. These are things that can, and will, affect everyday aspects of your life.

It’s important that everyone has his or her say and votes.

Whether you are for or against any of these things is of no consequence to this paper. We only want our fellow citizens to speak their minds.

It’s our ability to pick our leaders and choose our form of governance that sets us apart from the rest of the world.

There are multiple candidates and options to pick. The presidential campaign has been going on for nearly 2 years at this point. We should know where they stand on the issues—or sit in some cases.

Branch out! If you’re not happy with the two parties, check out some of the third parties.

Your vote can make a difference no matter whom you vote for. If you vote for one of the two major candidates your vote can contribute to his winning.

You’re also making a difference if you vote third party. If the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, gets 5 percent of the vote, it will open up that party to Federal Election Commission funds and equal ballot access across the country.

The same goes for Jill Stein, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson.  And we’re talking popular vote, where every vote actually counts.

It’s not just Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It’s not just red and blue.

This election may prove a turning point in American history, no matter who wins. Just make sure your voice is heard.

And if you can’t vote in this election, be sure to prepare for the next election. Louisiana will be voting for a member in the Senate in 2014. We’ll also vote for our congressman again.

We must all vote our concience and vote for who we think is the best candidate to serve our country.

If we don’t take part and pick the government we need, we shall surely get the government we deserve.