Letter to the Editor: Student says ULM police wrongly ticketed him 3 times

ULM Hawkeye

Recently there has been a lot a talk about the parking situation on campus and the recent hike of ticket prices. There have been petition going around and lots of individuals, both students and faculties, have their own opinion towards the situation. Even at the luncheon with the ULM President and the different Deans from all the colleges hosted by SGA, ticket prices were one of the major issues that were discussed. Those arguments and concerns shall keep going until everyone is satisfied, but at the moment what needs to be brought into everyone’s attention is the unfair and unprofessional nature of ULMPD administration.

Just two weeks ago, as a Peer Leader I was showing my UNIV class how to check their holds before registration. I only had an advising hold at that time. Then on November 5th I tried to show them how to view holds again and to my surprise a random parking ticket hold had appeared dated Nov 3, 2012. After class I immediately went and inquired about the hold at the ULMPD. They printed out a paper and told me that I had three parking tickets that were pending since 2011. I told them that there was no way I had not one, but three outstanding tickets. I even tried to explain it to them that it couldn’t be possible as I registered for Fall 2012 without any holds. How is that I am being held liable for tickets that were to be accounted for in the past year? Moreover, I told them that I had no recollection of getting those tickets or had any physical records of those tickets. The lady at the ULMPD told me that everyone says that and chances are those tickets either flew away or someone took it off my car. But she did not explain to me how they missed it last year and how all of a sudden it appeared this semester. So, the next logical question for me to ask was how I was supposed to get out of it. I had no interest in paying a fine that I wasn’t liable for. She said that I could appeal the tickets, but that would take days to be processed. I tried to explain even more that my registration date was November 7, 2012 as I belong to the Honors program and if the appeal could be rushed. Well the only baffling answer that I got was “Well you will just have to pay it then.” Just pay it? Being a full time working student I realize the value of money. It isn’t something that you just throw away or waste it on fines. Unfortunately, I was left with no choice, but to pay it. Luckily, my fines were about $55 which was affordable at the time but since parking ticket prices have raised mistakes as such should not be repeated in the future. I am thoroughly dissatisfied and saddened by the responses and the workings of the ULMPD. It is absolutely unfair to hold a student responsible for a parking fine four days before his registration date and not even giving him a fair chance to appeal it. This letter is not a cry to lower ticket prices, but an eye opener to those concerned administrative individuals that are responsible for this incident. I ask them that this is never repeated again for me or anyone else attending ULM. 

Sincerely yours,

Amit “Ray” Rajkarnikar