Hawkeye POV: Fans should follow warhawks to bowl

ULM Hawkeye

This year’s football season has been one for the record books. Everything from record attendance to ULM competing in its first ever bowl game has made this football team one to be remembered.

Considering that ULM has never had a winning season since becoming a Division I school, let alone a chance to be in a bowl game, The Hawkeye thinks it is important that we don’t underplay the significance of this accomplishment.

The Warhawk football team has given this university another reason to be proud.

We all remember that shock in Little Rock and the nail biter against Western Kentucky. We remember the huge crowd at the Baylor game and all the attention our university received from the national media.

This underdog team showed up to play this year, and the fans showed up to support it.

Now the time has come to see what the community is made of.

The football team will need as many fans as possible to make a trip to watch the Warhawks play in a bowl.

It’s vital that we all keep up that strong support we showed at the beginning of the season.

This is our team, and it’s our job to come out and support them.

They have all worked hard to give this town and this university a reason to stand tall. And for all that hard work they have put in, the least any of us can do is to just be present.

Wherever we end up this offseason, let’s make sure the Warhawk nation follows the team there.