5 movies to bring the holiday cheer

ULM Hawkeye

1. Christmas can bring out the romantic in all of us. “Love Actually” is a great movie to capture the mood.
The 2003 movie follows different couples and their intertwining lives as they deal with love and life all during Christmas time.
It makes a great date or girls night Christmas movie choice.

2. The Harry Potter series may not make you think ‘Christmas time’ but it’s still a great option.
Most of the movies have great Christmas scenes essential to the unfolding plot like the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire or when Harry receives the invisibility cloak for Christmas in the Scorcerer’s Stone.

3. If you’re looking looking for a Christmas trip down memory lane then “Home Alone” is an excellent movie choice.
Nineties babies everywhere remember the movie that made us all want to accidentally get left behind and face danger and adventure…and a happy ending of course.

4. Christmas doesn’t have to be innocent all of the time. “Bad Santa” is the perfect choice if you want your Christmas mixed with a little crime.
If you’re tired of the rosy-cheecked, kids movies, “Bad Santa” is a winner.

5. The holidays mean family coming together. Family coming together means drama. Hit close to home with you? “The Family Stone” is the perfect movie that combines drama, heart and Christmas all at one time.