POV: New semester should bring excitement

ULM Hawkeye

Welcome back Warhawks and happy New Year! We’re one full semester down, and have only one more to go until the end of the school year.

While the Hawkeye hopes you’ve enjoyed your winter break, we also hope you’re just as excited as us about what the new semester has in store.

Not a dull moment should pass you by as so many exciting events are scheduled to take place this spring.

New classes, new professors and the opportunity to meet new people—and for graduating seniors a few more connections—are just some of the many things students will get a chance to enjoy this semester.

Along with supporting our fellow Warhawks as the new season for many sports, including basketball, baseball, golf and track begins, the Hawkeye also hopes you all take a jab at the many opportunities presented this spring, such as the annual career fair.

Of course you’ll have a chance to relieve some of the stress, that school is sure to cause, during Mardi Gras and Spring Break.

And we can’t forget about Spring Fever, which is sure to bring a huge amount of excitement to campus, and commencement for the graduating seniors.

The Hawkeye is eager about the new semester; we welcome you back and hope you enjoy your spring semester and the many activities and opportunities it offers.