Hawkeye POV: Make your life’s stresses an ally, not your enemy


ULM Hawkeye

Stress. As college kids, we all experience this feeling, whether it is about a test (which is more than likely the cause), a relationship problem or a money issue. Stress, by definition, is the consequence of the failure of an organism to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats. In simple terms, it’s when our body does not know how to handle the insane amount of pressure going on in our life.

School, of course, always adds to this pressure/stress level. Of course, stress happens because we put off studying for a midterm until the night before, so we hop up on coffee and pray like crazy that we at least get a passing grade.

However, when stressed out over a situation, it’s best to not let it get you down. Stress usually causes most people to become short tempered and angry with everyone or everything.

The Hawkeye is about to give you a way to look at stress in a positive light.

Think of stress as a way to get your body and mind focused, and ready to rise to the challenge to meet whatever situation you’re going through right now. Take the anxiety and turn it into focus and strength, making your nerves become the driving force to get you through your test, dilemma, homework or relationship drama.

Redirecting stress is a good way to make it through any situation. Just take the negative energy you’re feeling towards your drama filled situation, and channel it in to something positive.