‘Til football do us part

Gwendolyn Ducre

On Sunday, Feb. 3, almost every guy who is a self-titled sports critic will be sitting on the couch gripping on to anything and everything but a girl.

Instead, he will be gripping tight to his remote control, finger food, and a cold beverage.

Women will be fighting for attention while the guys watch the 2013 Super Bowl pitting the Baltimore Ravens against San Francisco 49ers.

If the ladies don’t plan on watching the game -except for Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem or for the Destiny Child’s reunion -the ladies will have to get creative quick.

Here are some fun tips  for the abandoned ladies of Superbowl Sunday.

While the guys are crowded around the television, invite some of your girlfriends over to catch up on gossip or pull out some cards and dominoes.

Make it a party.

Some great card games include Spades, Crazy Eights and Spoons.

Winners can win a prize of your choice and the losing ladies get to clean the guys’ mess after he destroys the room when watching his favorite team lose the game.

For those ladies who want to leave the house and not be around the madness, get out of there quick.

Since it’s Sunday, do something for you. Get a fresh start for the new week.

Take the morning to go to the gym like you’ve been promising yourself you’d do.

After a good workout, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. Or if you really need to relax, enjoy a nice massage at a local spa. If you can’t get away, just make your personal spa in your bathroom by popping in some headphones and enjoy a nice hot bubble bath.

If you like having your cake and eating it too, try convincing the guys to go out to dinner to watch the game. Red Lobster will have to be for another night.

Take him to a sports bar or a restaurant that will be publicly showing the game.

Buffalo Wild Wings would be the ideal place to take him.

To avoid you being forced to watch him devour his wings and him ignoring you, consider bringing some mutual friends along.

If you plan on getting as far as possible to anything relating to football, make sure he has all of his football goodies accessible so he won’t have a reason to call you during commercial breaks asking for silly little favors.

If you plan on sticking around, but from a little distance, stick your head in and joke about the highly expected Super Bowl commercials.

Either way it goes ladies, enjoy your Sunday and let the guys enjoy theirs.

It’s a win/win.