Is honesty the best policy at ULM?

ULM Hawkeye

All universities have obstacles they must overcome each year, and ULM is no different. It’s better that we tackle our problems head on in order to avoid any unnecessary struggles.

Students, administrators and faculty have had to adapt to the many changes stemming from budget cuts striking even before the semester began.

Then there was a boiler explosion during the winter break, which injured a worker, damaged the building that the boiler was housed in and caused the State Fire Marshal’s office to cite ULM with a $500 fine because the boiler was uncertified.

The university’s audit report cited fraud and misappropriation of fund totaling $58,554 in the Department of Recreational Services. And no one really knows how much more is missing because the receipts are missing.

Student government is asking for more money this semester, changing their plans for the original $20 fee increase into a $60 fee increase, which will limit your ability to see where your money is being spent.

And of course, the latest news is the alleged abduction and “forcible rape” of one of our fellow students, which the university downplayed as an “off-campus assault.”

The Hawkeye sends it’s deepest sympathies to the victim of this crime.

Even though we’ve been hit by a lot of bad news in these first few weeks, it’s important that we not let it deter us.

The unknown can be scary. But we can move through it one day at a time.