A Presidential Choice


ULM Hawkeye

Last week, the four presidential candidates were on ULM’s campus, touring our grounds and talking to our students. On Wednesday, the search committee in charge of selecting our next president chose the finalists it felt was the best to charge forward in the race. During its deliberation, however, William Berry decided to drop out, leaving Peter Fos, Tom Moore and Nick Bruno for the board to pick between. Of course, it chose all three to continue on to the meeting this week in Baton Rouge.

When talking with students, it is clear that there are favorites and not-so favorites. The day after the selection was made, a Facebook group was created supporting Tom Moore, where it said that the students want “Moore for ULM president, because we want more for ULM.” In the selection meeting, committee member Winfred Sibille said that young people were the biggest part of this election. “Give them a chance to speak, and they will. Young people do care,” Sibille said.

Mr. Sibille, you are absolutely correct. Give us a chance to speak. Students are wondering why the committee has not opened a voting poll to get a census on what, well, really who, the students are looking for in our next president. This race and decision affects no one more than us, so please let our voices be heard.