Hawkeye brings home 6 SEJC awards

ULM Hawkeye

The Hawkeye represented ULM well at the Southeast Journalism Conference in Jackson, Tenn. The student newspaper brought home six awards including three that won Best in the South and three others that were for second and third places.

Hawkeye Editor in Chief Emma Herrock won Best in the South in the Arts and Entertainment category for her story on ULM professor Richard Hood, a story on how gay people are characterized by television and a story on the Lyceum series that featured Nicholas Sparks.

“I think these awards, and the ones before it, show that our paper is serious about covering news that affects our campus and our readers,” Herrock said.

Herrock mentioned how proud she was of her staff for entering the competition and the previous staff, which brought home many awards from this competition.

The conference featured many professionals in the journalism field who offered insight to a room of 300 aspiring media professionals from more than 20 universities in the South.

Speakers such as Steve Duin, a columnist with The Oregonian, gave insight on how journalists are supposed to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted” using the art of narrative.

Other speakers like Larry McCormack, a photographer with The Tennessean, told the college journalists about the difference in writing a story or taking a picture and “catching a moment.”

McCormack said there’s the “safe shot” and then there’s the story.

“About 90 percent stay with the safe shot,” he said. “Be that other 10 percent.”

Managing Editor of News Garrett Boyte said he learned a great deal about storytelling and how to really get the information he needs to write a great story.

“I really think this conference has helped me grow not only as a journalist and columnist but as a person as well,” Boyte said.

Christopher Mapp, director of student publications, said the awards validate the newspaper staff’s hard work and dedication.

“The staff at the Hawkeye is the hardest-working crew in student media,” he said. “They sacrifice their weekends, work long hours [and] late nights. All so they can be the best newspaper possible and serve their audience the best way they know how.”

Here is the list of Hawkeye winners:

Emma Herrock received first place for “Best Arts and Entertainment Writer.”

Cole Avery received second place for “Journalist of the Year.”

Lane Davis received third place for “Best Advertising Staff Member.”

Kelsey Hargrove received first place for “Best News-Editorial Artist/Illustrator.”

Srdjan Marjanovic received first place for “Best Press Photographer.”

DeRon Talley received third place for “Best Sports Writer.”