ULM small, our accomplishments not

ULM Hawkeye

It’s common knowledge ULM isn’t the biggest university around—let alone the most well known. But the size and popularity of our school doesn’t affect the size and popularity of our accomplishments. In fact, it makes earning them that much better.

The football team competed in their first bowl in the program’s history last semester when they took on Ohio State University’s Bobcats. And let’s not forget the win against the University of Arkansas’ Razorbacks.

The ski team won their 24th national title at the Collegiate Water Ski National Championships in October, beating schools like ULL, University of Alabama and Arizona State University.

And athletics isn’t the only aspect of ULM earning major accolades.

Members of the Hawkeye staff recently took home six awards —three of which were first place—at the Southeastern Journalism Conference.

Kelsey Hargrove won first place for Best News/Editorial Artist. Current editor in chief, Emma Herrock, won first place for Arts and Entertainment Writing. Srdjan Marjanovic won first place for Best Press Photographer. Cole Avery won second place for Journalist of the Year, coming second only to a writer from the University of Alabama. DeRon Talley won third place for Best Sports Journalist and Lane Davis, won third place for Best Advertising Staff Member.

On top of that, recent graduates of ULM’s Occupational Therapy Assistant’s Program earned a 100 percent pass rate.

People tend to equate popularity with superiority. But our accolades prove otherwise. Our campus may not be big, but our accomplishments sure are.