Hawkeye POV: Students have right to know what happens on campus

ULM Hawkeye

This past semester has been a doozey. The past week alone has tugged our heartstrings and weighed on our minds.

Our semester opened with two police officials leaving their offices after being forced on administrative leave, and all the university had to say was no comment.

These gentlemen were the ones who upheld law and order on campus. If there is any evidence of wrongdoing on their parts, the student body has the right to know.

The university was cited with a “D” by the legislative auditor’s office for misappropriation of funds. Where’s the money? And who’s responsible?

The student body has the right to know.

A student was forcibly raped on campus, and the university underplayed the danger by calling it an “off-campus assault.” The suspect in that case would go on to rape another woman, and attempted a third.

In this case the student body definitely had the right to know.

Student Government fumbled the elections, posting campaign videos on the voting site and forgetting a name off the ballot. Will we see reform?

The student body has the right to know.

And now Athletic Director Bobby Staub has resigned after being told by President Nick Bruno that he’d decided to go a different direction.

Athletics has been the most successful under his oversight, including our first trip to a bowl game. Does Bruno want to go in a different direction than victory?

The student body has the right to know.

We have a right to know because we bankroll this university. Our tuition pays 66 percent of the budget at this school. It’s only fitting that the students who pay 66 percent of this university’s budget gets 100 percent of the facts.