Letter to the editor: Wyatt stands by opinion on sex

ULM Hawkeye


Chelsea Wyatt strikes one more time, knowing that the English major Taylor Diaz seems very knowledgeable on the nature of sex and making it seem the way I perceive sex is very idealistic, cute. Marrying is not just a “novel concept,” as Diaz said.

It  is the right way, as far as the Bible is concerned. Diaz said, “in the grand scheme of things and in some parts of the world it still isn’t a popular idea.”

Well if Diaz hasn’t noticed for decades now, everything that is popular isn’t always right. It was stated in the April 22, 2013 edition of The Hawkeye that “I was dallying in slut-shaming.” I feel as though she felt offended, if so I do apologize.

What I don’t apologize for is what I am standing for, which is marriage and sex often works better together. I am glad that she finds it funny about my big deal on consensual sex, but in the opinion  section of The Hawkeye, sex is what I chose to write on and what I will stick with.


Diaz also stated it is “two adults enjoying themselves.” I find it hilarious, because not once did she have a purpose stated for the enjoyment. Is she ready to have kids, is she ready to tell her kids in the near future that all the sex that had taken place was pointless and she isn’t married to any of the men she slept with. No, she is not.

Not once in the paper did I make an exception for myself to the rule. Diaz says that my ideas are “romantic idealism” suited for “pastoral poetry” and “out of date.” Well Diaz must definitely be out of touch.

No one asked her to be goaded into feeling ashamed about her sex life in the opinionated section of the paper. It was only a matter of having a chance to share my opinion with the student body. But then there is the positive side, she is correct about one thing, I am not experienced and I am very honored not to be.


But Diaz fell short when she said, “I don’t have the authority to preach on such matters.’’ I actually do, it’s called the 1st Amendment.

I can see that she doesn’t care what people do in their bedrooms but I do. After those few minutes of enjoyment, have you considered the after math and what takes place with the emotional distraction in someone’s life?

Diaz also compares the situation to a car, wise choice. When the car breaks down completely, you will have to replace it. And there are some who still die while wearing a seatbelt, just like kids wearing condoms and still catch the diseases.

So yes, students at ULM with some sense of self-respect for his or her self  I ask again, what will you gain from having sex with so many people?


-Chelsea Wyatt, psychology major