Hawkeye P.O.V.: Welcome back Warhawks

ULM Hawkeye

It’s a new school year. And of course, there have been multiple changes since the last academic year.
The library received new computers, Schulze cafeteria underwent a few design changes and Masur Hall got some much needed renovations.
Campus personnel is different as well. There is currently no chief of police, the majority of the baseball coaches left, as did our former public relations director and there is a new athletic director, Brian Wickstorm.
But don’t be alarmed by the transitions, we believe this semester will be just as great.
The expectations for the football team are higher coming off the school’s first bowl game last season, stunning many along the way by upsetting Arkansas at home.
For the new Warhawks, make sure to get involved throughout school. It makes it that more enjoyable.
You can start by participating in this year’s Week of Welcome. Many activities are available regardless of your interest.
Monday, you can hang out at the Fish Fry at Bayou Park. Tuesday, see the Duck Dynasty’s Duck Commander. Relax at the ice cream social Wednesday. See the Greeks stroll off in the Quad on Thursday. And show your school pride on Spirit Day in the SUB on Friday.
Just don’t have so much fun during Week of Welcome you forget to attend class. Most teachers take attendance very seriously.
The Hawkeye wishes everyone the best of luck for the 2013-2014 school year. Stay focused.