ULM Survival Guide: Part 2

ULM Hawkeye

The college shuffle

The college shuffle is a walking technique to avoid speaking with someone or exchanging eye contact. The idea is to have your cell phone glued to your hand. Pretend whatever is on the screen is so utterly important your eyes must remain there the entire walk to class.

The problem arises when students don’t look up (i.e. a crack in the pavement). Many students take a fall and after much embarrassment run to class. There are even phone applications now for this sole purpose. Type n Walk allows students to text on their phone while using their camera to see.

Late for class?

We all experience those mornings when hair just doesn’t want to dry, homework isn’t quite finished or maybe you just overslept. But now you’re running behind and you don’t know what to do. A parking ticket, which is $50 this semester, is not an option and you’re already five minutes late.

Professors let students slide for being five or even 10 minutes late for their class, but if 15 minutes roll by and you aren’t there yet think wisely before entering the class. It is almost unheard of to show up 15 minutes after a lecture begins. Beware.

Participating at ULM

Whether you’re a freshman, new to ULM or taking your senior victory lap, you’ll hear time and time again to participate. The fear of participating can be the fear of meeting new people, putting yourself out there or committing to something like a school organization.

While learning is the point of college, participating can make your time here worthwhile. Start small, go to annual events like Mardi Gras Ball and Casino Night, attend football games or see a VAPA production. Go big by joining an organization that can be the key to success after graduation.