This semester’s most popular applications are Vine by me

Gwendolyn Ducre

Today, smart phones are the center of most communication and it’s constantly evolving.

Smart phones are a gift from technology and have completely changed the importance of the cell phone.

What makes smart phones different from any other mobile device? Well, it’s simple- mobile applications, or apps.

Anyone who has a smart phone can admit to having more than a few apps on their phone. Apps are more than just an icon on the screen. For some, it is their means of communication and usage.

Eric Washington, a sophomore pre-radiological technology major, said he cannot live without his apps.

“I’m on my apps all the time. I love posting pictures on Instagram. I usually get on my apps when I’m bored,” said Washington.

Apps are also being used for entertainment or learning. Applications can come in handy for almost anything. Ever heard of the quote, “There’s an app for that?” Well, there is.

Zuleica Arias, a communications graduate student, uses her apps when traveling and speaking with others of a different language. Currently, Arias top app is WaZapp.

“It is hard to communicate with friends who are not here,” Arias said. “I have friends in Europe and South America. I can send videos and pictures to them,” Arias said.

Apps can be used for entertainment, social networking and can also be helpful with school work. Some students find the ULM app very useful because they can view their e-mails, Moodle or class schedule.

In the app world, the most downloaded and top five grossing apps are Candy Crush Saga, Pandora, Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Bat. Three of the top five apps are games.

Besides social networking apps, games are the most used and downloaded. Some people even avoid getting onto Facebook because they are annoyed by the multiple game requests they’ve received from addicted gamers.

To the teenage world, Instagram and Twitter are among the top five favorite apps. But when Instagram started to get a video feature, an app called Vine took the shine of entertainment videos.

Now, Vine is rated the top social networking app for videos. It has become a comedic app that viewers enjoy to get a laugh.

Able to record a six second video, users are becoming Vine famous. Actors are even getting in on this new craze.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon along with Harry Styles from One Direction bring the laughs pulling stunts with friends.

Other humor apps that can be found on any stanger’s smartphone are ifunny and theCHIVE. The most recent video to go viral is “So this has to be the worst twerking fail ever.” Can we say twerking hard, or hardly twerking?

Whether you are waiting for class to start or avoiding your biology textbook, there are numerous applications to keep you entertained.

Some timeless applications everyone should download are Netflix, Yelp,, Newser and Flashlight.