Age, classification not factors in pageant

ULM Hawkeye

Dear Editor,

In response to Miss Wardlaw’s letter concerning the Miss ULM Pageant, I would like to express my opinion as an upper classman, involved student and contestant of the pageant.  Stating that a freshman should not have won the title of Miss ULM is not only insulting to Jaden Leach, Miss ULM 2010, but also the judges of the pageant and the pageant director.

Miss ULM is not judged based on her age, classification or her experience at ULM.  Judges must take into consideration that Miss ULM will represent the university at the Miss Louisiana Pageant. Therefore, judges must select the strongest competitor to serve as Miss ULM. Age or classification do not affect a young lady’s character, poise or talent; therefore, age or classification are not an element in the judging criteria.

Jaden is talented and beautiful on the outside as well as within. I trust that she will carry out her duties as hostess of the university and as students we should give her our support. We should not question her abilities or the judges’ decision.

I do believe that freshmen do not receive the ultimate college experience within their first semester. However, Jaden Leach will experience a remarkable and life-changing first semester as a new ULM Warhawk.

Brittany Jordan

Senior Mass Communications major