Masur Hall needs more than upgrades

Gwendolyn Ducre

The renovations to Masur Hall are among the most appreciated and talked about on campus. But more were needed.

Although there are more problems that need to be resolved, Masur Hall did hit it on the head `when an air conditioning unit was installed. Before, students couldn’t control the temperature besides an on oroff switch. Usually, when it was hot out, the room’s temperature would be 72 degrees.

Now, Masur Hall residents can adjust the air themselves. It’s so wonderful to come into my room, after a long hot walk from my classes, and feel the cold air hitting my face.

Masur Hall also received new ceiling tiles that give the room a new, clean appearance. Before the renovations, walking into a room in Masur was dreadful.  Now we just need new floor tiles in the room and the bathroom. I’m sick of seeing those rusty old stains.

Also, Masur Hall has had a disgusting bug infestation since my freshmen year. It has been so bad that a friend of mine admitted to waking up with a cricket in her hair. A terminator needs to come and control the insects during each school break,

My family has come to visit me a few times. They always are curious to see how my living conditions are. The expression on their faces when they come to Masur shows how horrific the dorms are. Others often tease me for staying in Masur Hall.

If I had a choice, I would completely bulldoze Masur Hall and build a Commons III instead of renovating it.

We have a beautiful campus, so the dormitories should reflect its beauty. Masur Hall diminishes the quality of our campus.

Bulldozing Masur and making a third commons will only benefit the students and our campus. Same goes for Madison Hall.

Bulldozing those halls will make more rooms available because no one would have to avoid living in those unpleasant halls.