Warhawk Dictionary: Get to know the new campus lingo

Gwendolyn Ducre

Slang is an ever-changing world of crazy words with even crazier meanings. Where once “jeepin’” might have meant you were seeing someone behind your significant others back, now causes major confusion if brought up in regular conversation. Here is a compilation of ULM’s own lingo. Read thoroughly and use with care.


Hawkward (adjective)

a phrase used by students to describe an awkward situation in reference to ULM.


Warhawk: My warhawk express card was just declined in line.

Friend: Wow! What a hawkward moment that must have been.


Hawk Nation (noun)

one of many titles for the group of supportive and loyal students of ULM.


“Before a home game, I always speak about my Hawk Nation on Twitter and Instagram to show my school spirit,” said Keriana Anthony, a sophomore nursing major.


Spilling Tea (verb)

giving the inside scoop, or gossip, of someone or something.


Friend: Girl, Chad was telling us all about your breakup and spilling the tea.

Girl: That was a secret and was supposed to be kept between us.


Talons Out (noun)

showing Warhawk spirit by raising three fingers in the sky in the form of a Warhawk’s claw.


Dr. Bruno expects everyone to have their talons out during the fight song at the football game.


Thirsty (adjective)

being overly intrigued or attracted to a person of interest.


“This boy was so thirsty, he ran behind a girl when she was leaving out the library,” said Kris Graham, a sophomore nursing major.


Throwing Shade (verb)

the act of insulting someone indirectly.


Shady Famous Celebrity: I don’t have to twerk on Robin Thicke to be legendary.

(This could be used as the hypothetical celebrity “throwing shade” to Miley Cyrus)


Turn Up (adjective)

becoming hyper to the highest extent.


Friend: I’m going to turn up at the party on Friday. It’s been a long week.