Pop culture preview: fall 2013

ULM Hawkeye



Prism-Katy Perry

Perry’s album Prism, set to release Oct. 22, is a mixture of pop ballads influenced by Swedish pop.

Her newest single Dark Horse features Juicy J and was produced by Dr. Luke.

Standard edition albums have 13 songs, while the deluxe edition has 16.

Her song Roar, being compared to Sara Bareilles’ Brave, has hit the top of most major charts.

Nothing Was The Same-Drake

Drake’s third album drops Sept. 24 with major anticipation by fans.

The artist recently gained a new title with the most number one’s in Hot R&B/Hip Hop.

His latest single Wu-Tang Forever hasn’t gone over well with major artists. Fans should expect more great music from the Canadian rapper.

The 20/20 Experience Pt. 2 -Justin Timeberlake

Women will soon swoon everywhere come Sept. 30.

The part 2 of 2 album only took 20 days to record with producer Timberland.

The album will partner with Target again and includes two bonus tracks along with the regular 11 songs.

Extra tracks include Blindness and Electric Lady.




Thor: The Dark World

Thor sets out to save the realms of the universe in the Oct. 30 release of Thor: The Dark World.

Last spotted in The Avengers, Thor must defeat Malekith and his primeval race who want to put the nine realms in darkness forever.

However Thor’s enemy is so strong he even asks his mischeivous, adopted brother Loki for help.

Jane Foster returns as Thor’s love interest. She somehow got an infected with a strange energy that may kill her if not cured.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Fans have waited nine long years to see Ron Burgundy and his crew of misfits in Anchorman 2 releasing this December.

Ron leaves San Diego to take a job in New York City working at one of the first 24-hour news channel.

Get ready to laugh at more of these funny guys’ ridiculous shenanigans.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The second installment of The Hunger Games hits theaters Nov. 22.

The sequel centers around the 75th Quarter Quell. Every 25 years the Hunger Games have an unexpected twist.

The capitol will send past winners back into the games, knowing that District Tweleve’s Katniss Everdeen must compete.

Check out this movie in Nov. to see Katniss and Peeta embark on their second Hunger Games.




Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

King’s novel Doctor Sleep goes on bookshelves everywhere Tuesday. It is a sequel to The Shining and centers on Danny Torrance, now middle aged, an alcoholic much like his father and now seeing new demons.

Though King feared that writing the sequel would make his work inferior to The Shining, his wife Tabitha encouraged him to answer fans’ question, “What happened to Danny?”

Torrance must save a 12-year-old girl with special powers from nomadic paranormals who feed on children with “the shining.”

Grand Theft Auto V

After five years of waiting, “GTA V” was released last Tuesday.

Gamers enjoy the ability to switch between characters at any time throughout the game. Reviewers of the game also liked the simplicity of exploring the city, which is the creator’s take on Los Angeles.

The video game is great for either the game enthusiast or casual gamer. Easy checkpoint systems make it compatible for casual gamers, while improved quality on driving and combat will surely please any hardcore gamer.




iPhone 5s

On Sept. 20 iPhone 5s goes out into the public, however the hype of the new smartphone with the new iOS update have caused quite a buzz.

Features like Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor, allows the iPhone user to get into their phone without entering a passcode. Placing a thumb on the home button replaces the time spent entering a four-digit code.

The new iOS software brings a whole new design to the phone with added features like iTunes radio and a control center that is just a swipe away.

Google Chromecast

Chromcast, created by Google, allows users to stream audio/visual content from their smartphones, tablets and even laptops to their TV.

For $35 viewers can watch YouTube, Netflix and Google Play while the content is casted onto their TV screens.

Future companies that can make use of this media-streaming adapter are Spotify, Hulu, etc.

Users can also go on social media sites using Chrome browser.