If chivalry is dead, you killed it ladies

Gwendolyn Ducre

If chivalry is dead, you killed it. As time progresses and women become more independent, it’s easy to decline assistance or courtesy from men. Few even find a men’s chivalry patronizing. But deep down, we all want our knight in shining armor.

Women often complain about not finding a guy with any moral standards. If you’re still looking, chances are you’re looking in the wrong places.

You won’t find a guy you can bring home to mother at the club or through a roommate’s cousin’s daddy’s nephew.

Some guys are still genuinely respectful and generous. Be mindful, it’s the small gestures that must be appreciated first. Gestures can be simple as opening the door or allowing you to get off the elevator first instead of cutting you off.

Guys shouldn’t be compared to our fantasy men like Robert Pattinson or Will Smith who play the roles of fictional characters.  Instead compare them to the guys who at least offer to pick up the tab from McDonald’s without intentions.

In this stage of our lives, guys are constantly trying to prove they’re no longer boys, but men.

So if a guy is willing to pull out your chair, or walk you to your room at night to ensure your safety, let him.

The amount of generosity from guys here at ULM has pleasantly surprised me. A random guy offered to carry my friend’s heavy appliances into her room when she moved into Bayou Village this semester.

Women can be independent and cope without any help. And maybe I am old fashion, but I know that two is better than one. I don’t expect for a guy to wait on me hand and foot, but I do expect respect.

Chivalry- in most cases-is simply the act of being nice. Everyone should practice nice gestures, but they shouldn’t be nice because it’s the right thing to do, generosity should be natural.

And I will admit, there are some guys who put up a façade just to get your number or grab your attention. But a façade always fades away, and their true intentions will always be revealed. That’s the wonderful aspect about chivalry- it never goes away.

Chivalry still exists. It lurks in the halls, library and classrooms. Just notice the next time the door is opened for you. Don’t forget to smile and say thank you.