The code: our true colors on life and love defined

Gwendolyn Ducre

MTV’s Guy Code and Girl Code have students wondering if there are actual codes that they should be abiding by.

Some believe that somewhere in the world there is a little black book with the do’s and don’ts of guy’s and girl’s ethics. Others believe no one should live by rules- you should just live life by the seat of their pants.

Guy code is a collection of principles some may feel every guy should live by. They are helpful suggestions to attract a girl, get a girl and keep a girl. Other guy codes help them to look like “the man with the plan.”

Henry Ward, a junior business major, said guy code shouldn’t be told or explained, it should be understood. Ward believes that every guy should have his own code to live by.

“Whatever is going to happen is going to happen regardless. I don’t follow rules; I kind of make them,” Ward said. If you follow rules you’re a follower. If you make your own rules everything will work out fine.”

On MTV’s Guy Code, a group of guys individually discuss their opinions on which guidelines every bro needs to know.

The guys talk about any situations from girls to bromances.

Though the cast keeps the show humorous, the advice given are actual beneficial tips.

Kevin Barnett, known as FatBoy Barnett on the show, says love changes as you get older.

“When you’re a teenager you say ‘I love you’ because you want to smash. When you’re in your twenties you say ‘I love you’ because you think you mean it. When you’re in your thirties you say ‘I love you’ because you’ve ran out of options,” Barnett said.

Most instruct how to relate to other guy friends, or bromances.

Trent Hoffman, freshmen biology major, says these decrees tell a way to be respectful to other guys. Hoffman also says guy code is used as an excuse on how to act.

“It’s just respect. I wouldn’t want one of my guy friends to do something to me,” Hoffman said.

Girl codes are a set of rules that every girl learns at a very young stage of her life. These guidelines are made to protect relationships, friend-ships and it’s there to eliminate unnecessary drama.

Nicole Byer, a cast member on Girl Code, always explains the importance of them and how significant knowing these regulations are.

“Girl Code is what keeps us together like ‘together together’ and not ripping each other’s throats out,” Byer said.

Courtnei Davis, a junior kinesiology major, says she enjoys watching Girl Code because it relates to her everyday life. Davis says there are instructions that she goes by, but it depends upon the situation.

If Davis’s friend broke up with a guy or ever liked a particular guy, she follows girl code by not liking him. Davis feels that all girls should have some guideline when it comes to life and boys.

“If you don’t have a code and you just go about life freely, you’re probably going to make a mistake somewhere down the road,” Davis said.