Put down the seasoning packet to your ramen noodles 2-4-1 is here

ULM Hawkeye

Ramen noodles can only be appetizing for so long, right? Local restaurants in Monroe have found a solution to eating well, while eating cheap. Two for one meals have been a thing for national chain restaurants, but have finally found its way to Monroe’s local hangouts. Now students can grab their roommate, classmates or significant other for two great meals for the price of one.


At Fieldhouse, located right off of campus, students can enjoy 2-4-1 burgers on Monday’s.

Along with burgers this campus favorite is now offering Dippin’ Dots.

Come in and have burgers with friends while watching sports on multiple flat screens. Even their booths come with flat screens and personal remotes. What’s not to love?


What comes to mind when someone says Enoch’s is burger buddies.

Whether you come with one person or a group they are always willing to find a customer a burger buddy to split the costs of their 2-4-1 deal.

Don’t forget about the Guinness Gravy either. That along with their burgers is a classic Tuesday night.


If burgers aren’t you thing, Daq’s is the place to be. They offer their chicken sandwiches 2-4-1 on Tuesday nights.

Not only are their buns freshly baked, you can also get your chicken dipped in any of their wing sauces.

Gravy fries should always be the start of any ones order. It is a plate of hand cut fries topped with gravy, cheese and bacon.


The Pickle Barrel Pub offers their 2-4-1 burgers on Tuesday.

Along with your meal the table gets a bowl of their homemade pickles. And where did they get those pickles? Straight out of the barrel in their restaurant.

With a wide variety of burgers, from The Politician to The Cajun burger, everyone can be pleased.


Portico Bar and Grill has no competition on Wednesday nights for their 2-4-1 burgers.

On top of that add a great bar and regular live music.

This restaurant is great for dates on a dime with their slightly upscale atmosphere.

Come in grab a drink, burger and some sweet potato fries and enjoy the company of your burger buddy.