NFL reigns supreme while college football is the better watch

Dakota Ratley

We’re in full swing of football season. Grills have been burning, foam fingers waving and fight songs all across the country have been played. So what day is better for the sport, Saturday or Sunday?

Professional football is the most popular sport in America.

It shouldn’t be.

College football is far and away the better game. The passion, the tradition and the pageantry is unrivaled by any other sport. The professionals have the best players, but college has the best fans.

A Monday Night Football game in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, one of the loudest stadiums in professional sports, has nothing on, for arguments sake, Death Valley in Baton Rouge on Saturday Night.

One big argument for professional football is that you can cheer for the same player every year. Tom Brady has been with the Patriots for 13 years. That’s three whole college careers! However, that’s exactly what makes college football so fun.

Teams face new challenges every year based on whom they will be losing to graduation or who will go try their luck in the NFL draft. Sure, top notch recruiting has kept schools such as Alabama and Ohio State towards the top of the polls almost every year, but every school goes down eventually.

The tradition is one of the best parts about college football. The NFL simply cannot match college traditions. There simply aren’t any notable professional traditions to speak of. One could go for days naming off college traditions: Roll Tide Roll, Hook em’ Horns, Boomer Sooner, and one of the newer college traditions, Talons Out. Every school has something special.

The sheer passion is the number one reason why professional sports will never match college sports. People cheer for their professional teams because they live in that area, their family has always cheered for that team, or simply because they are good. People cheer for their college team most likely because their roots are there. That might have been there alma mater.

There will always be fans that bandwagon to whatever the hot team is at the time, but for the most part, a majority of people stick to their team, especially if they attended that school.

A student who attends that university feels as if they are a part of something. Alumni feel as if they are still connected to the team. There’s something unexplainable about the connection between student body and those that represent them on the athletic field. Even the athletes feel it. Professionals go to wherever show them the money. College kids go to one place and stay.

The next time you sit down for a weekend of football, just watch the faces of those involved. The answer is clear, college football trumps professional football any day of the week.